Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

Two years ago, in my last year of undergrad, I took an eighteenth-century novel course. Although it was taught by my favourite prof and I learned a lot over those three months, this class introduced me to books that I did not enjoy in the slightest like, for example, Robinson Crusoe (blech) and Gulliver’s Travels (double blech).

It was for this course, however, that I discovered my absolute least favourite novel of all time: The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne (or just Tristram Shandy for short). Continue reading “Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend”

Infinite Records (The Soundtrack–A Listening Party)

I have nothing particularly new to add this week. At this point (with one more week to go?!), I feel like my thoughts and ideas are becoming quite recursive (and maybe that’s part of the point), which is why it’s awfully swell to read what some of the other readers have to say (guest posters, Time, rob, Steve, nowaczyk, Allan, and the other guides, everybody!). It’s also been fun to explore the thoughts I never even knew I had until I foolishly attempted to write them down.

So, in preparation for the season finale next week, I’d just like to give a sincere thanks to everyone that contributed in some form or another. Continue reading “Infinite Records (The Soundtrack–A Listening Party)”

Stranger Things

Hi all, I’m filling in for Shazia, who couldn’t write a blog post of this week because life throws curveballs.

So this will be a short post, and will continue yesterday’s posts about ghosts, but not really ghosts. Rather I’m more interested this time around with the endnotes that endnote nothing. I’m talking about the ones where Pemulis is with “Postal Weight” and you find out about John Wayne losing his mind. And then in the next note that endnotes nothing, Pemulis is getting the boot while being told what Wayne had said. Continue reading “Stranger Things”

Ghost of an Author/Auteur

You know, Clare was right in her post on Friday: there needs to be more talk of ghosts. So since I was absent (a ghost!) last week, I’ll dive into those same pages when the ghost of JOI appears. This is one way of admitting that I have fallen far behind…but I plan on catching up this week (I’m starting teaching today, so these past couple of weeks have been hectic trying to write the diss and trying to plan my course, while also dealing with a dying computer).

All I could think about while reading the Gately and Wraith conversation was Roland Barthes’ concept of the “death of the author.” If you’re not familiar with it, let me botch the theory for you Continue reading “Ghost of an Author/Auteur”