Clare Hayes-Brady: “As in quote ‘the man Himself'”


Blog posts are unfamiliar territory for me; I’m never very comfortable writing into the ether, as it were. (Speaking of ether, can I just say how much I loved the discussions of ghosts and wraiths and the supernatural that have been taking place? This seems to me to be something weirdly overlooked in Wallace’s writing, from “John Billy” to The Pale King. There are ghosts everywhere! Let’s talk more about that!) With that auspicious start, I’m actually not here to talk ectoplasm or spectral speeches. I’m technically here to talk about gender in Jest, which is all kinds of interesting but also very complex for a blog post.

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I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Alas, my poor Yoricks! I must begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m afraid that I left my copy of Infinite Jest at the office today by accident and must write without the text on hand to consult and/or quote. I apologize in advance for the lack of page numbers and specificity, as I will be writing about this section from memory and may fudge a few details by accident… Mea culpa!

With that said, I’m raring and ready to talk about all that paranormal activity in IJ this week and what it means for the narrative.

So, without further ado: shall we begin?

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So-called People. There’s Everyone in Total.

First of all, thanks Shazia, for the title of this post. That was surprisingly perfect and easy. You’re a genius!

WARNING: on quick reread, this thing barely makes any sense, and needs a lot more than 1500 words to elucidate, but hey, I don’t have a week to write this, and it’s a blog post, so take it for what it is

ACT I- More Ghostly Narrative Ambiguity + Surrealism to da MAX

Good afternoon, y’all!

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