So-called People. There’s 26 in Total.

The conversation between Mario and Avril really depresses me.

Mario: “How can you tell if someone’s sad?”

Avril: A quick smile. “You mean whether someone’s sad.” (763)

Yes, it’s very much like Avril to respond with an abstraction, to refer to language itself when in any discussion. (As writers and thinky people in general, this is almost automatic).

Though, her son’s asking about sadness. Continue reading “So-called People. There’s 26 in Total.”

A Real Incident of Thought Transference (A Ghost Story of Sorts)

This is just too weird not to share, so heregoes:

So, I was in the middle of reading through the Gately in the hospital part where the ceiling is bulging and receding, and a “tall slumped figure” is hanging about the room like some sort of Jim Incandenza wannabe, and I thought to myself, “this reminds me of that story that my sisters told me about when they were young when a tiny hole in the ceiling used to talk to them. I wonder if I can somehow use that weird bit in a post.”

FYI: my sisters are twins, and both of them reported hearing said disembodied voice in the ceiling, from the tiny hole.

Naturally, I texted my sister, Liegha, to ask her about what she remembered.

Here is our exchange: Continue reading “A Real Incident of Thought Transference (A Ghost Story of Sorts)”

anecdotes, quotes, and footnotes

Hello and happy September 1st, everyone! Here’s hoping this week has treated you well and that you all have a wonderful long weekend ahead of you. Is anyone up to anything particularly fun and exciting? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Seriously, I’m always open to hearing about your lives outside of IJ!

Speaking of a life outside Infinite Jest, I’m afraid this is going to be a bit of a shorter (and a tad more informal) post from me this week. I’d really like to spend some quality time with my little sister tonight since she is going back to university this weekend, so, in order to have enough time to watch a movie with her, I’m going to be as succinct as I can right now. Continue reading “anecdotes, quotes, and footnotes”

Art For Art’s Sake?

So has anybody been tuning in to watch any of the U.S Open?

I have.

Watching it while reading IJ certainly does modify the way I’m watching, and what I’m thinking about. I particularly enjoyed watching Andy “The Darkness” Murray, clad in all black tennis attire, pummel his opponent into dust. Great entertainment, all around.


Andy “The Darkness” Murray: #2 Seed, U.S Open, 2016 Continue reading “Art For Art’s Sake?”

In the Shadow of the Wing of the Thing

Gaudeamus Igitur!

I am behind on my reading for this week.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to drive y’all nuts!

I’d like to offer some thoughts on shadows and “thought transference.”

In a comment last week, Deluca brought up all the shadow business in Marathe and Steeply’s conversation re: M*A*S*H*. In the initial conversations between Marathe and Steeply, we have Faust and more than a few mentions of “shadows.” Continue reading “In the Shadow of the Wing of the Thing”

Carved out of what?

As I said in a comment in Allie’s post last week, I really feel like we’ve hit the turning point of the novel. I called the Gately vs. the Nucks scene as a kind of climax, but I’m not sure if climax is the right word. The novel takes on a different tone, things start moving, but also, I just enjoy some of these parts more.

I want to kinda springboard off of Allie’s post from last week, which focused on the “anhedonia and internal emptiness as hip and cool” (694) amongst U.S.  millennials. Like Allie, I, too, am one who unabashedly loves things and am very confused at the idea of liking something ironically. Continue reading “Carved out of what?”