Poor Yoricks’?

It’s just over a week before we start the countdown, and I thought to add just one more post. Call it the countdown to the countdown.

I was thinking about writing this post earlier, but then I shrugged it off for a bit. And then I received an email asking if Poor Yoricks’ Summer should be Poor Yorick’s Summer. Why the apostrophe after the “s”? Continue reading “Poor Yoricks’?”

Alas, Poor Summer, We Knew You Well: An Invitation

Dear Everybody,

Philip Miletic, here. And it is that time of year again when a large group of people get together and read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. It used to be just “the summer” (inaugurated by the successful Infinite Summer) but now, thanks to the very recent and awesome Infinite Winter, it appears that that time to get together and read Infinite Jest might become a bi-annual event. Infinite, indeed.

And so, you are all invited to join Poor Yoricks’ Summer, an Infinite Jest reading group that is led by Canadians, from the West coast to the East coast (you will meet the guides in the first week of June). First time readers are more than welcome, as are second and third and fourth (and so on) time readers. In fact, those of you who are joining us and have read the novel before, please invite your friends and family who have not read Infinite Jest yet. This is not only a time to read a really big book together; it’s also a time to share with others your thoughts and feelings about one of those really big books you like or have been hearing so much about.

But I have to make a disclaimer if I’m going to be open and honest. This blog is part of my dissertation that I am doing at the University of Waterloo. A chapter of my dissertation is on Infinite Summer, community, and autobiography. Yet, I felt that writing on Infinite Summer was not enough; I needed to also experience reading the book with others and all of the organizational duties that go into this sort of thing. And so, I am doing Poor Yoricks’ Summer. However, I must stress that the only posts that will be discussed in my dissertation are those written by the guides. All comments made by everyone else is theirs and will not be used in my dissertation. Even comments on the guides’ posts will not be used by me. The research part of this is mainly my experience in participating and organizing an Infinite Jest reading group. And rest assured, although this is an “academic project,” this is not an academic reading group. All are welcome.

I am really looking forward to all of you joining and to all of the conversations we will have. I thank you in advance for any kind of sharing that you do to help spread the word. The schedule (modelled after Infinite Summer‘s) will be released June 13th and we begin reading June 20th. But that doesn’t mean we can already get the conversation going. You can use the hashtag #infsum (I prefer to continue the excellent conversations on #infsum rather than trying to jumpstart a new on). And we’re over at twitter at @poor_summer. If you have any questions for me, specifically, then you can reach me at philip.a.miletic@gmail.com. In the meantime, between now and June 1, we will be tinkering at the site and reaching out to fellow Jesters for some guest posts! Be sure to do some rounding up on your end, too, if you would like to have an in-person meet-up in your locale in conjunction with this here blog. Or don’t, and just hang out with us – that is also totally okay.

Here’s to another summer, together and a little less lonely.